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Customisable Vape Band Information

Our custom printed vape bands come in a range of sizes to choose from & we can pantone match any colour of silicone or ink.

Vaping bands are perfect for establishing a brand name for your vape store or e-cigarette company.

We also supply custom printed silicone wristbands & silicone adloop keyrings - get all 3 and receive a great promotional package for your vape store.

Print your vape bands with your logo &/or vape shop name to create a great promotional tool that will get people talking about your business.

With small quantities of vape bands available, 

Oxford Dictionaries Vape Definition

A Custom Vape Band is a vape pen/electronic cigarette accessory that is not only visually appealing but also useful in multiple ways. Coincidentally, these first came about the same year that vape was the Oxford Dictionaries 2014 Word of the Year.
Custom Vape Bands UK are not only great for protecting your vape pens' tank/atomiser - it is also an extremely effective way of promoting your business, brand or building your own vape identity.
Many people in the UK use Custom Vape Bands as an everyday vape accessory because a Vape Band is a great addition to a vapers' kit.
To find Oxford Dictionaries definition of 'vape' visit: